Emily Gerbig

designer / photographer / artist

In my 15 years of working in online media, I have yet to meet a designer with more talent, drive, commitment and passion than Emily. During the three years I managed Emily directly, she was an instrumental player on a digital team that served one of our largest clients. She is more than a designer. She is a designer, developer, project manager and overall "team player" who always strives for the best in all she does. Jennifer Johnson
Director, Publishing Best Practices, Internet Broadcasting (manager)
In addition to being a savvy web designer and illustrator, Emily has a knack for taking limited information from clients and turning out great creative. I've seen Emily take on many roles at Internet Broadcasting and would highly recommend her for anything creative. She has a strong work ethic and would make a great asset to any team.Luke Grohovsky
Senior Web Designer, Digital Agency, Internet Broadcasting (colleague)
Emily is one of the most detail-oriented and concept driven designers I've ever worked with. She truly understands function must come before form and definitely puts her heart and soul into her work. Emily is an excellent designer who follows the creative process no matter how large or small the project is. Any employer would be absolutely blessed to have her robust design knowledge, typography precision, and overall talent on his or her team. I'd hire her in a heartbeat.Tracy Warner
Web Designer, Internet Broadcasting (colleague)
Working with Emily on ad campaigns was always a pleasure. She made project managing easy by listening to what the clients wanted while incorporating her expertise in delivering more than their expectations. I often received immediate approval with high praise for her concepts and attention to detail. This improved my efficiency and I was able to push more projects and launch more campaigns ahead of deadlines. She is an excellent designer because she cares about the end product and knows how to balance perceived client needs with design standards. Her attention to detail is impeccable. She is a true team player and stays calm and focused under pressure. Her dedication to improving her knowledge-base and skill set in and outside of her expertise was admirable. She was one of the most professional and creative designers I have ever had the pleasure working with and I hope I get the chance to work with her again.Ericka Hawkins
Senior Sales Production Coordinator/Hearst Team Lead, Internet Broadcasting (colleague)
Emily has amazing work ethic and drive. She cares more about the quality of work and takes more pride in her results than anyone I know. And her results are always met with praise. Also, her organizational skills are pristine. She was always known as the go-to person on the team for consolidating info into a neatly designed presentation which in turn helped all of us be better at our jobsMonica Lee
Site Launch Manager, Internet Broadcasting (colleague)
In my time working with Emily at Internet Broadcasting, she left a lasting impression on me years down the road that I'm happy to base a recommendation on. Emily displayed a keen design sense, specifically in building out projects that would be expanded on down the road where modular planning is key. Emily also showed a work ethic and hustle that I always take note of. She would be an asset to any team in a wide variety of roles from designer to project manager to strategic consultant.Clint Carlson
Contract Designer/Developer, Internet Broadcasting (colleague)
Emily's reputation for design execution cannot be overstated. If there was a major branding, usability, or customer-experience effort underway...you could safely bet that Emily had either been asked to lead that effort or consult on its execution. Emily has an incredible work-ethic and routinely went above and beyond the call of duty with regard to whatever project she was involved in at the time. I strongly recommend Emily as a high-value member to any team.Andrew Kaeding
Manager, Corporate Systems, Internet Broadcasting (colleague)
Emily is an excellent combination of creative and practical. She comes up with artistic and terrific ideas, understands how they will be implemented and does so on deadline with enthusiasm for her craft. She is always thinking about both the client and the end user to make the best designs that serve all audiences. In short, Emily is a terrific designer and colleague.Beth Pearlman
Director, Cox TV Site Services, Internet Broadcasting (manager)
Emily's passion for her design work is unmatched. She is a true 'creative' and seemingly never ran out of unique, smart, and inspiring solutions to design problems. I genuinely enjoyed working with Emily at Internet Broadcasting and hope to work with her in the future.John (Jared) Harbort
Web Designer, Internet Broadcasting Systems (colleague)
Emily is a creative and dedicated designer, and goes above and beyond the call of duty. In addition to doing a great job on our branding and collateral for platform relaunch, she has always been glad to lend a helping hand on other projects.TJ Kudalis
Technical Product Manager, Internet Broadcasting
Emily is very creative and talented UX/Visual designer and who really helped transform the 11 CoxTV (aka CMGDigital) websites into a very usable and appealing looking website. Prior to joining the team our TV websites had an inconsistent look and feel, an average user experience, and did not properly integrate the usage of video and social sharing. Over the course of a year Emily was able to make many small and a few large improvements that significantly improved upon our page views and the usage of our video/social content. Besides making UX/Visual improvement to our sites, she also is very nice to work with, a team player, passionate about design and is very responsive to changing requirements and deadlines. I hope our paths cross again on some future endeavor.Phil Greco
Site Services Manager, Cox Media Group Digital (Client)
Emily pays attention to detail like no other designer I've ever worked with. Not only that, but she bridges the gap between development and design in a truly rare way.

Over the three years I worked with Emily on numerous projects, she showed eagerness to not only improve her design skills and experience, but pick up skills like HTML and CSS. She used all of these skills in every project she worked on, continuously enhancing her designs.

Implementing one of Emily's designs was always enjoyable. She always knew which parts of her design were difficult to implement and which ones were not.

I heartily recommend Emily as a great web designer and someone who is always looking to learn new things and pick up new experiencesEvan Kennedy
Salesforce Developer, Internet Broadcasting (colleague)
Emily is an admirable colleague for not only being a terrific graphic designer, but also for her ability to continuously solve design problems. She is a passionate person whom you can rely on to consistently put forth a tremendous amount of effort to each project.Carolyn Richard
Web Designer, Internet Broadcasting (colleague)
You might say that Emily is a trend-setter at IB. A lot of her techniques are mimicked by her peers. She has a genuine natural talent for design, and is very modest about it. Emily also has a way of recognizing workflow issues and communicating them to her superiors in order to affect real change, making the job more efficient. The combination of creative artistry and a business-like thought process makes for a highly versatile player in the Internet industry. (She's also fun to work with!)Chris St.Germain
Web Designer, Internet Broadcasting (colleague)
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